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gaz td
03-06-2009, 11:29 PM
Just bought a passat 1.9 td (75bhp) saloon and have a couple of questions/issues which need askin.

Drivin along the rear window droped but would not work from the switch decided to leave but when i locked the car the window went up,also the drivers window wont work but u can hear a clickin noise when u press the switch.

Brakes feel like theres quite abit of travel on the pedal before u get any responce is this normal and also seem quite bouncy over bumps and when u press down on the car(shockers).

Another thing was i noticed the top hose gets quite warm after startin the car it does not seem to overheat just its gets warm quite quick which i found stange for a diesel,temp goes to the nxt mark after 70 but drops to just under 70 when drivin.

Got the car for a good price so cant complain but any advice would b great as i dont fancy drivin along in the rain and me windows open lol.

18-06-2009, 06:21 PM
Hi there, had a Passat B4 1.8cl for 3 months now but have worked on older VW's forever.

I have the same problem with one of my rear windows as you. Is quite a common fault. Haven't had time to look at mine properly yet but in most cases the motor is ok. If your window works on the switch it is most likely to be the actual window mechanism which is faulty. Maybe some teeth missing out of the plastic cog. Or it could be as easy as the window having come off its' runner (unlikely). Meantime you could just manually pull the window up and wedge it.

If your window doesn't react to either switch(dash or door) at all it could be the electronics in the door which control the motor. This is what i suspect in my case.

When locking/unlocking the car if you turn the key as far as it goes it will shut all the windows (when locking) or drop all the windows (when unlocking). That is perfectly normal.

Seems like your car is almost identical to mine. My temperature wouldn't go above 70 degrees either. Changing the thermostat helped.
As you have a diesel i don't know where that sits. On mine you have to take off the plastic inspection cover inside the o/s wheel arch, take off the two drive belts and the A/C compressor to get to it. Is not difficult. Make sure you have antifreeze before doing the job, though. I flushed out the cooling system while i was at it. Make sure the engine is cold though.

If you bounce each corner of the car it should just bounce once. If it bounces more often the shockers are probably past it. Again not a difficult or expensive job. Also check for oil misting on the shockers (push the plastic gaiter away to see the joint between upper and lower part of the shocker on the front ones).

Hope that helps

18-06-2009, 06:29 PM
Forgot to reply re your brakes. Could be all manner of things. Try bleeding the brakes. In my case the previous owner had had a couple of brake pipes done for the MOT and they forgot to bleed them. Also check all four of your flexi hoses for wear or bulging, especially when having someone depressing the brake pedal.

On my car i am suspecting the master cylinder, as i have bled them a few times and it goes spongy again after a while. Sometimes i can also feel the brakes biting and then the pedal travels another inch or so, a sign that the servo may be gone.