View Full Version : Please Help 2001 1.6 beetle in need of love...lots of probs!

28-05-2009, 03:41 PM
HI all,this is my first post so please be kind!
we have a 2001 1.6 on a y plate,she is much loved and looks lovely but we have a few on-going issues that are slowly draining the bank balance!!:mad:
first off is the esp light that never goes out!
secondly the engine management light that never goes out!
and thirdly she burns oil like no-ones business...ill need shares in quatar refineries at this rate.she blows out blue/white smoke on start up after beimng left idle overnight,revs erratically but then is fine once warm??
we have had it on vag com at vw and they replaced mass air meter but no improvement and cant afford to keep sending it back.
im quite practical an dknow my way around a tool box so not afraid to have a go myself but would greatly appreciate any advice from someone who has experienced the same and could point me in the right direction?
thank you in advanced.