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11-01-2006, 11:10 AM
Thought I'd say 'hello' and introduce myself; present cars are a couple of B5 A4 TDIs. Hers is a '97 Saloon (110) with 180K+ miles, mine a '00 Avant (115) with 78K miles - both 'tweaked', Saloon with a JR Tuning Box giving 143bhp, Avant has been Revo'd so probably around 155bhp. Otherwise no mods at all as all my fun money goes on my third car, a '54 Riley.

Past cars include a 1303 Beetle, Type 2 van, 9 x Golf GTIs (Mk1s and Mk2s) and an Ibiza GTI.
Favourite hobbies are :alcoholic and :drive:

Be seeing you...