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27-03-2007, 11:47 AM
Hey all, how is everyone?
I just have a few general questions about my '01 Bora.

1) Is it possible to change the current 3 spoke steering wheel to the newer style 4 spoke (as seen on the later model Bora/Passat)?

2) How do you remove the BORA letters from the boot? I want to replace them with JETTA letters and City badge purchased on eBay.

3) My Bora has a sunroof, is the dial and overhead cluster meant to light up? Mine doesn't; and

4) How would one go about fixing the Radio Screen light? I have the older style Cassette Player with the square screen.

Knowing me i will have more questions next time i log-on to the forum.

All help is muchly appreciated.


Steve MK4 TDI
21-04-2007, 11:16 PM
Use warm soapy water, and time. gentley prize off with warm soapy water. just keep scubbing away. don't bother adding jetta though a bit naff, if bora is removed could look ok.
Apparently on Executive Sallons and nice cars people pay extra to have the GTI R32 ect. removed, less is more, but the only golfs i see with that removed are those with plastic trim, which means they are basic models. :beerchug:

22-04-2007, 09:56 AM
just to add to what steve said about point 2, use a credit card to prise it off. The hot soapy water stops the glue from being as powerful, also try a hairdryer if you can get it to the car and the soapy water doesnt work.

I think that in body shops they would use a heat gun to remove badges etc, and a heat gun is like a powerful hairdryer.

good luck

22-04-2007, 10:37 AM
Taking off my badges took me 2 mins. Get some dental floss...pull off a nice long piece...and slip in between the back of the badge and the car bodywork. Use a "saw" like motion..and it will eventually fall off.

I then washed off the remaining glue with some gin and a sponge.