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18-04-2009, 10:34 AM
Hi all.

I took delivery of a new scirocco with the nav option 3 weeks ago. Initially i couldnt get the nav unit to direct me anywhere. I was regonising my location and displaying maps that suggested the data was on the hdd. It kept saying "unable to reccomend route" or "navigation sytem inactive".

So around 2 weeks ago i took it to the ******** who had a look and said they had tried to reload the data, this had apparently resulted in "total system failure" and all my mp3's etc stored on the hdd had gone. They ordered me a new unit.

Yesterday my car went into ******** again supposedly to have the new unit fitted. When it came back it hadnt been changed. It simply came back with a new disc and a note from vw sating it had been tested and worked.

Problem being when i used it, it didnt work and was giving same messages as before. So after calls to vw i was not happy!

anyway as far as i can tell the map data is on the hdd and the system still doesnt work. Today i had a play with it and noticed that it will give me route info if i leave the nav disc in the dvd drive.

Sureley this is not right and the system should work fine without the disc present once the data has been stored on the hdd?

this whole saga has soured my new car experience, any advice appreciated.

I have a few questions i need answers to in order to try and fix the problems i am having with the rns510 in my 09 scirocco. I have tried serch but still cannot find the definitive answers.

1) How can i tell which software my unit is running?

2)how can i wipe all the maps from the hdd so that i can reload my nav disc (i think the maps are not loaded properly and thats what is causing probs)

3)How do i access the setup menu on my nav unit (not the one that is accessed simply by pressing the setup buton)

4)why when i access the setup menu and try to restore factory settings does nothing appear to happen?

20-07-2009, 03:06 AM
I have a fully spec Scirocco 20TSi, 09, it has the RNS 510 media system,
This is what you do.
Go back to your dealer, get hold of the guy who sold it you, sit him down in the car and get him to show you how to use the satnav system, when it doesnt work tell him to book it in for you and explain that you will keep coming back to make his life a misery if it isnt fixed.:zx11:
Trust me, you will be surprised how quickly it will be fixed, especially if you tell him next time you will come back when the showroom is full complaining loudly:aargh4:.
If you still get no joy, get onto VW Tech support via VW customer services they will help.
Apart from the nav update discs that my local dealer sends me to update the system, my system is working perfectly. Make sure you have the correct handbook, i had to have mine specially ordered. Hope this helps.