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18-04-2009, 12:09 AM
Jetta 1.9TDI SE on 2007 plate,

Travelling on motorway with cruise control (little green man displayed on instrument panel). Without warning or any other inclination the cruise turned itself off and obviously the car begins to slow down (pretty dangerous when overtaking someone else at the same time, plus they wondered what the hell was going on :confused: ) The small rocker switch on the indicator stalk was still switched to on. Turning the rocker switch to off then on did not "reset" the cruise and for the rest of the journey no cruise control, even for sometime after it still would not activate.
The following day the cruise came on / off with the rocker switch, but then when using it on the motorway the above repeated.

Has anyone else experienced the likes of the above with the cruise control.

Car is going back into the dealer for check asap.

Will post comments / results from dealers diagnosis to help others in future


18-04-2009, 12:18 AM
Faulty brake or clutch switch. If it is a faulty clutch switch it may not show up as a fault code so ask them to check its operation in Measured Value Blocks 08.

18-04-2009, 01:38 PM
Thanks Crasher, much appreciated :notworthy. Car is in on Weds for a check.

I did forget to say, for a little more clarity, when the cruise had cancelled itself the little green cruise symbol went out and would not come back on and hence no cruise when trying to "reset" the cruise on the rocker switch. Not sure if this changes any fault finding?

Either way, will still request the check you mentioned.


06-05-2009, 10:34 PM
Update on the cruise control. Car diagnosed as a fault with the steering column control unit also the clutch hall sendor replaced (possibly with me mentioning Crashers comment, thanks Crasher!!).

When I picked the car up the technician advised that there was still a top level fault showing but when digged into further the top level fault code did not show. Technician attempted a firmware update but the main unit would not accept the firmware update at the time for some reason. Technician had been in touch with VW UK for assistance and told this was okay to leave as exisits with this fault code.

Understood by dealer that I would take the car but on the understanding that should the same fault occur or anything show in relation to the stored fault I would not be held accountable.

All seems good so far:drive: