View Full Version : Please Help Very rough idle/ revs rising to 2000 rpm

11-04-2009, 01:45 AM
2006 A3 2.0 FSI Quattro under warranty until June

Long story short:

Car developed a bad misfire/ revs rising to 2000 rpm on Idle and revs not dropping when off the accelerator. No dash light errors so I drove the car home. Called Audi assist who send a Technician out. He saw a lot of errors on his VAG.COM (sorry no codes), I left him to see if he could fix it. After 10 mins he didnt know what the problem was so the car had to go to a dealer.

I drive the car to a Main Dealer, they didnt look at it for 4 days and then called me and said the Airbox is broken and the clip holding the MAF connector is broken causing a bad connection and I have to pay 400 as it is not under Warranty.

I've told the dealer that the car was last serviced by them in June last year and it has been running OK since then. The problem started when I was driving the car so the clip couldnt have broken off by itself so maybe the Audi Assist guy broke it when he was diagnosing the problem. If he broke the clip then that cant be what is causing the problem.

Basically the dealer has told me to pay for a new MAF and wont look for any other cause of the problem.

The engine runs fine at speed and there is no loss of power. Can the MAF just cause the bad misfire/ revs rising to 2000 rpm on Idle and revs not dropping when off the accelerator?

I've called Audi customer services who are going to speak to the dealer reference my complaint that the dealer is trying to charge me to replace a part that possibly an Audi supplied technician damaged. Has anyone had a similar experience and did Audi get the dealer to do the work under warranty?

Any advice or information gratefully received as I am being pressured by the dealer to pay to replace parts that are either not faulty or were damaged by someone supplied by Audi.

15-11-2017, 10:14 PM
sounds more like it was drawing air from somewhere-- after the maf-so it starts to rev up !!