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10-04-2009, 07:00 PM
Alright guys, my corrado looks to be on its way out so im going to be getting an Audi TT, so i have a few question

1. What kind of mileage can they go up to, i.e engine wise not mpg, would you consider over 100k miles to be too much or are they pretty solid engine
2. What are the most common things to go wrong with them, mechanicly and bodywise
3. Apart from the obvious more power whats the difference between the 180 and the 225
4. How much should i be paying for a relatively sound one but the first years out so between 1999 and 2001
5. Also seen a couple that are Cat D's, should i stay away from them or is this nothing major


10-04-2009, 07:12 PM
couldn't offer any help other than,personally i would stay away from anything that
has any sort of "bad" history.
i came back to the car the other day at the supermarket and as i pressed my fob for the bora, a gleaming white TT 3.0 tdi blinked at us!!!!!
lucky so an so!
fair play to him,it just looked the dogs bits.it was absolutely beautiful.
well, good luck on finding a good one,
i'm dreaming of one,and i'm almost 56!!!
take care,

11-04-2009, 10:37 AM
1. Mileage is not a problem as long as full history, look for cambelt waterpump and thermostat change every 4yrs or 60K.
2.The dreded oil sludge in the engine,front and rear ARB bushes, check the roof rails for corrosion on the leading edge.
3 All 225's are Quattro, look out for 180Q's sold as 225's.
4 Don't buy Cat "D".
Look on the TT forum for all things TT
Try to get an S-line, after '02 all should have the S-line spec. Full leather,heated seats, bose, cd changer