View Full Version : Important Offer on re-maps

03-04-2009, 08:28 AM
Sure you know about our work now.. If not just a quick bit about our map's.
There all flashed through the service port.. ( no more chip changing here ! )
90% of your work is for Vw and Audi main dealers local to use.. ( ok the maps we do are for them and a little different to what you get.. Yours will have more power ) There cost more but you get your warranty too..
We can flash everything from the Mk6 Golf , A5, Q5 to the little lupo's
Are re-maps are tried and tested on press car's from news papers to magazines.
Vw Cup car's
Try before you buy...
14 days money back guaranty if your still not 100%
ECO or performance maps.
etc ..

So now the good bit... Were running the offer for 280 all in ..The only car's that are more are one'w with twin ECU's... You know who you are ...!

Ok there are cheaper re-maps out there... Buy cheap shoe's get sore feet !:biglaugh:

The web site will be updated very soon if your car is not listed please ask drop an e mail (info@motechperformance.co.uk (info@motechperformance.co.uk)) ..

this offer is for Vwaudi forum only.. We can offer a mobile service but yet again please ask.

Thanks Mike..