View Full Version : Windscreen Wipers

26-03-2009, 08:47 AM
Morning all

Got a bit of a problem with my windscreen wipers in that the ball joint on the linkage to the passenger side wiper appears to have corroded and dropped out, not good when it was poring down with main on the M1, luckily it was not the drivers

Has this happened to anybody and whats the easiest fix?

Im guessing the ball joint cant be replaced so how do I get the black plastic cover off hiding the motor and linkage as it appears glued on?

Or is it possible to remove the the passenger side wiper and its pivot point as my idea was to drill and tap a hole in the actual ball as it has a flat bottom and then just use some thread locking liquid on the screw so the ball joint would never drop out again?

Many thanks in advance, any advice is greatly appreciated