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Moro Anis
07-02-2009, 07:46 PM
Hi, I've had my 54 reg TT 180 quattro for nearly 1 year and during that time I had an Audi warranty. In the course of a year I've had a new Bose amp, an airbag module, a headlamp washer pump, a relay flasher unit, driver's door handle assembly and passenger heated seat wiring repaired. There may have been other niggles too.
Have I just got "one of those cars" or does this sound typical? I've never taken out a warranty on a car before but I've had more problems with this car than all the others in the last 20 odd years put together. The Audi warranty is £699 and covers everything with no excess. I've searched on line for warranties following recommendations on owners sites and they are all £4-500 and don't seem as comprehensive. Would you be inclined to take out a warranty as this is typical or would you say that is all the typical faults gone and carry on without one? Itís now done 57,000 miles and has full main dealer history.

09-02-2009, 04:04 PM
i had the warranty on my 53 plate A3. Like you, I got problems. (however the 1yr warranty plus the £550 extension has ironed all the faults out)

Well...I thought it was worth it. You get road side assistance also (costs about £145 from RAC...thats who audi use) then the rest is the warranty. It sounds a bit steep...but it worked out fine for me. However, my father who also has an A3 with a warranty has had problems...'this isn't covered, that isn't covered..' He brought his used car last year...bit unfair when they say that and you havn't had the car for a year. So this year, when the warranty expires he will be going with another company.

I have had mine for almost 2yrs...but its going soon. I don't see the point of hanging onto old cars. (maintenance, warranty, get penalized because the Co2 is over the top), if you look after it hard, the paint work still deteriorates and its annoying when your in car parks and 'Doreen' slams her door into your car trying to get her little brat out the car. It depends what situation your in. In my opinion for this reason (warranty) i like to keep changing all my thing. (cars, computers, t.v) For the price i pay a month on my 53 plate, its the same to own a new car. Obviously you gotta hand it back at the end, but it can be Audi's problem then. You gotta think from your financial prospective. Could you be spending £700 that would only be clearing a possible of 50% of faults? Then what happens after the warranty? You can extend it again...but the price goes up... (the cars age is in Audi's price band...so your first one would be £700, next year it prob be £850) ...more likely to go wrong i guess? I think mine was a lucky £550 because it was before 5yrs old.

If your gonna hang onto the car, yes its worth it. However, you can get a warranty that even covers wear and tear parts (like clutch) Obviously audi doesn't sell this.
Also, if you got SO fed up with the car, you can sell it with the warranty (they gotta pay £17.50) and the new user can have it.