View Full Version : Golf Mk3 GTi starting problems...

Jonster 8v '92
04-03-2007, 02:52 PM
Hi all
I've been reluctant to post as I know ppl tend to launch a new thread relating to a problem that's been posted many times before, but after weeks of hunting for a detailed fix, I'm left with no choice but to pick your mechanical brains...here goes...

I've got a k-plate '92 8v Gti.
It takes about 5-6 key-turns to start when engine's cold.
Idle speed is low - around 800revs, and tends to falter around this speed. When first started, the low revs cut out, and applying gas after initial engine start immediately cuts out engine.
If I leave it for a couple of minutes and with the aid of some tender revving, the engine picks up, splutters for the first few metres but then seems fine.
The engine turns over and oil light flashes, with other lights on (inc battery - recently replaced).

Fuel economy is bad - around 17MPG urban and 27MPG on motorway.

I've recently had a full service, so all plugs, leads and filters have been replaced.

The car was sitting for some time before I bought it, so likely to be some crap in breathing system - I guess.

I've got myself a Haynes manual, though my addled brain may as well be reading German... Though I may be an idiot, I am eager to learn and start sorting probs with the Golf myself.

I've narrowed down the cause to dodgy sensor(s), dirty injectors (though I guess this wouldn't only affect cold starts?), dirty throttle body (still unclear as to how to dismantle and clean properly), or a badger lodged in the fuel line.

Once up and running, all seems fine (apart from economy issue), though I feel that there is power being lost at low revs.

Idle speed is really irratic, so is this all down to the timing belt?

Very long-winded I know, though I trust you see that I haven't posted on here without first trying to find a fix myself...

Thank you all in advance.