View Full Version : dtc 17965,18062,18057

17-01-2009, 10:09 PM
does anybody know what these codes mean.i bought a vag com with the book of codes,yet these codes are not listed??seat alhambra 1.9tdi 2004.
what does a/t and srs mean on the scanner..engine and abs i know,but not these 2.any enlightment please.cheers.

17-01-2009, 11:11 PM
17965/P1557/005463 - Charge Pressure Control: Positive Deviation
Possible Symptoms
Reduced power output
Limp mode
Possible Causes
Boost Pressure too High
Hoses/Pipes incorrect connected, disconnected, blocked or leaking
Charger Pressure Control defective
VNT (variable nozzle turbo): nozzles stuck
Solenoid Valve for Boost Pressure Control (N75) defective
Possible Solutions
Check Hoses/Pipes to/between Components
Check Solenoid Valve for Boost Pressure Control (N75)
Check / Clean / Replace Charge Pressure Control
Check / Clean mechanism for variable nozzles
srs is the abriviation for aitbag systems

18-01-2009, 01:45 AM
thanks very much. but,how do i check the solenoid valves and where is the charge pressure control unit.