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23-12-2008, 11:09 PM
I have just put a pair of Maloya Futura Sport W 215/45ZR17 87W treads on the front end of my re-mapped pd tdi se as recommended by a mate .
The results are good but i cannot find any reviews. I have found that at speed and during cornering they are superb but for a fast start am not too sure.:approve:

07-01-2009, 07:00 PM
I think i'm having the same problem as you. I got advised to buy Verstein's and they work great in the corners and i've not aquaplained once since fitting them. The problem comes though in getting off the line, even in 2nd and 3rd in the wet they spin. Ive got a GT TDi remapped to 172hp and 303lb's torque tested on an accurate rolling road.

Any advice you have in countering this would be greatly appreciated. I'm looking down adjusting my suspension but it looks rather expensive and iffy in regards to handling.

Many Thanks

07-01-2009, 09:32 PM
Vredestien make Maloya tyres, i'm 99% sure the compound is the same but the Maloya aren't really widely available in the UK as the Russians don't really want to take away from Vredestien who they bought from the Dutch.

Results between the two brands should be the same performance wise.

Obviously better tyres perform better regardless of torque or BHP.

15-01-2009, 10:36 PM
For you TDI:



15-01-2009, 11:01 PM
Here's an interesting one if you read the page...


16-01-2009, 03:37 PM
i think with enough torque you'll get wheelspin no matter what, its asking a lot for the size of the contact with the road and fwd, mines got a lot of torque and i have pirelli powergy's and have had falken 912's on the passat too, in the dry and wet they are brilliant and not cheap tyres, but they still spin off the mark if you need to acclerate quickly, if you want no spin you'll have to get tyre warmers and avon track semi slicks :biglaugh: