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John S
10-12-2008, 10:11 PM
Hi All,

Being bored one night I bid on various items on ebay for my Jetta...Original first aid kit / VW bottle opener / Warning triangle the stuff that should be in car when you buy it but more often than not missing when buying used.
Anyway i also won a genuine boxed VW Cruise control (with wiring loom, although this appears to be 1 wire?)
I'm looking to get it fitted, but I have been told you need to activate it via Vagcom and a wiring loom is needed not just 1 wire??

Can anyone offer any advice :beerchug:

11-12-2008, 12:20 AM
Hello John. The first thing you want to check is that your car has a switch on the wiper stalk for the trip computer. If you don't have a trip computer, you can't fit cruise control.

You may not need to fit the wire. It depends how new your car is. The best way to find out is to remove the steering cowlings and disconnect the multiplug from the steering electronics ECU. There is a red locking device on the plug. Slide it forward then press the button on top of the plug and pull it out of the ECU. It should tell you in the instructions which position the wire is to be placed on the connector at the steering electronics ECU. From memory it's pin 13 (or was it 16). If there is already a wire at that position then you wont need the wire. Just replace the indicator switch with the one from the kit. If there isn't already a wire there then fitting the kit becomes a much bigger job. You will need to remove the wiper arms, the plastic trim and the wiper motor/linkage. You will then need to get a hammer and punch and try and knock off the shear bolts that secure the bracket that sits over the engine ECU connectors. (Be careful not to crack the bottom of the windscreen with the hammer) The wire connects to the engine ECU connector and runs through the bulkhead and into the steering ECU.

You will need to activate the cruise control in the engine ECU and you will also need to tell the steering electronics ECU that you have changed the indicator stalk for one that has the cruise switch. You can do that with vagcom or slip one of the techs at your local VW dealer a few quid and ask them to do it. It only takes 5 min.

When you've finished the job the power steering and ESP lights will be on. Just drive in a straight line for a few yards and they should go out.

Good luck.


John S
11-12-2008, 09:15 AM
Thanks Jim,

My Jetta's an 06 plate so may have wiring in place, but You have confirmed what I thought......it's likely to be a job I don't want to attempt!
Will see if theres anyone local who could carry out the job. I asked at the garage who serviced my car (Independant VW specialist) but they wanted 150 to fit. Said youre having a laugh VW main ******* will fit for 150 including supplying the Cruise stalk!!!

Cheers John

PS......oops just read the thread on '********' apologies if this term of endearment caused any offence, will refrain in future!!

As you will see from my post on the failed washer pipe i was actually pleasantly surprised by SKF Stockport and the service they provided recently.
Pity they were so shoddy on the first service last year....No service book / Forgot to reset service interval / jammed boot lid with warning light showing it was open??? but looks like they are improving. Might even consider going back to them for next service.....maybe.