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13-10-2005, 01:37 PM
Hello :D

I drive a 99' Bora 2.0 SE and am having problems :(

Every now and then we suffer from a lack of power, spluttering and intermitent surges in power! Almost like its funning out of fuel then it picks up then it runs out again.

Also sometimes you can put your foot down hard and it doesnt go anywhere just kind of struggles a l long, and dies over around 2,500 revs and if you change gear and then accelerate it dies again, then picks up a bit, then dies etc ... rinse and repeat!

It also uses a trememdous amount of fuel, we are only using it for local runs each day and its not unknown to put 20 odd, in the course of 2 days!

We did have a new exhaust system and cat fitted recently, i dont know if this would have enything to do with it .. ?

I have tried to read a bit on the net but am not mechanically minded, some suggestions say a throttle body sensor others say its an engine management problem ... opinions arelike heads ... everyones got one.

Hopefully someone with an expert mind can help .. ?!

Thanks very much :beerchug:

20-11-2006, 12:21 PM
Has this been fixed? would be interested to know what it was.
I would have suggested a lambda sensor as these have similar symptons when they are completely shot.
Could also be the air flow meter. Unfortunately, neither is really cheap enough to go and buy parts just to try them but if you can borrow the bits????

21-11-2006, 09:43 AM
Was the cat genuine and does the emmision light comes on when it goes in limp mode ? You could try replacing the lambda probe as will lead to a damaged cat and poor performance and excesive fuel consumption. Do a engine scan as faults will definatelly be logged in the memmory and post their deffinitions on this forum. As marc sugested, could be a dying MAF but you could check that easily: disconect the conector and drive off. If it improves you found the culprit, if it does not look elsewere: fuel delivery pressure, clogged injectors, faulty HT leads,ignition coil, etc. Good luck.