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06-10-2008, 06:55 PM
hi there, what do you fink about these wheels? (http://www.auctiva.com/hostedimages/showimage.aspx?gid=608204&image=158471472&images=158468583,158468512,158468457,158468692,845 48861,158471472,158468796,158469219&formats=0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0&format=0 )
they fitt vw golf, audi, skoda, seat.
its orriginal BBS, brand new, boxed. 18inch, 5x112 hole size, offset37.
my mate bought them for me back from germany, payed 1300pounds. (lol it does not fit my car:zx11:) if any one is interested, please make sensible offers.
they are stunning.

06-10-2008, 10:50 PM
Very nice, but wrong PCD for me.

Welcome to the forum

07-10-2008, 12:22 AM
Cheers for welcome;),
yep, nice indeed.. i am so sad it did not fit my car..

08-10-2008, 04:47 PM
passat and a6 fitment lovely wheels buy the way:beerchug:


09-10-2008, 07:10 PM
update on price.. need cash so would sell for 600 O.N.O.

13-10-2008, 09:08 PM
Hi, do you know if they fit VW T4's?

13-10-2008, 09:40 PM
hi mate, for my best knowledge and what i could find on internet they fit.
nut hole size on your vw is 5X112 and suitable offset 35to40.
wheels i sell details are 5X112 and offset 37.
so if you are interested let me know:beerchug: