View Full Version : Toledo 2lt Sport Dies

02-09-2008, 07:27 PM
Hi ther looking for some help before i do a basil fawlty on the old girl ok i have a seat toledo 1997 2.lt sport that has a problem of the engine splutering and a couple o9f backfires usually after 15 mins idle then wont start for over an hour so here is a list of what i have done to try rectify the problem

First of i thought dizzy cap so i changed this still same prob so i changed all the leads and plugs and even tried another coil just incase still same fault so then i decided to read up a wee bit and found that it sounded like the same fault a few people posted about and that wass a hall sender sensor/unit so i just booked the car into my local seat deales for a full new distributor they diagnosed hall sender also so thought just change whole thing but they call and said fault still there and after 3 days of gratis labour they addmit defeat and say they dont know what the fault could be as nothing on diognostics machine so i am appealing for some help from someone as i just taxed n mot the bloody thing and i dont wanna lose her or change whole engine as thats where im going lol so any ideas will be welcome thank you all for reading and your help :aargh4: