View Full Version : Golf MK3 Rear Spolier...

25-01-2007, 05:35 PM
Hi guys, i just picked one of these up off ebay a few weeks ago..its one those spoilers of the vr6 and gti...small bit of black plastic really.

The spoiler still had three screws in it which were obviously used to attach it on to the vr6/gti.

Ive successfully managed to scrape all the old glue off it, so its pretty smooth...im then gonna paint it green the colour of my car

The breaker on ebay who i bought it from said i should remove the screws (think i have to get them sawn off) and then glue with some glue.

I found a mk3 tdi down the road from me and he seems to have done this and i dont think spoiler came as an option for the tdi back in the 90s

Im pretty crap at DIY and dont want to mess this up. What type of glue do I need? Is glue strong enough? Any advice for applying the glue? The guy mentioned 'mastic glue' but some other randomer said dont use that, you PU glue...dont know what either of them are

all Advice welcome :Blush: