View Full Version : Question My 1996 VW Jetta is jerking?

Themba Dlamini
20-07-2008, 01:54 PM
It started by just cutting off while driving on a highway. The engine was running but could not rev. I took it to mechanic who took the whole week trying to find the problem. They started by saying its throttle body, which they change and there was no difference, then fuel pump, which they changed and still no difference. Then a computer box, which they changed and the car started revving though you could feel something was not 100% right but I had to take it, is. On driving the car started jerking. I noticed that it was jerking on the steep when the fuel was low (1/4 tank) I also suspected timing. I took it to my VW specialist; they started by pointing at HT leads and distributor cap, which they changed and the car is still jerking. When they checked the timing with the timing light they said it does not hold timing but they do not know what the course is. Now the car does not hold the idling when cold and you can still feel it cutting while driving. Any one who can help with this?

29-11-2008, 01:01 AM
I had a similar problem, I replaced the throttle body (along with everything else) aswell, still vibrating like a dildo nd the mechanic said, "She has served her time." At this point the bill getting ever bigger.
But not giving up on my pride and joy, Being told to try a different type of throttle body, from a a passat or something similar, I replaced the new throttle body with one from an "R" reg audi A4 quadtro, as a last ditch attempt, nd that seemed to sort the problem Although I still suspect its not right.
Hope that helps CP.

27-03-2009, 12:26 PM
Have you tried changing the EGR valve on top of the rocker cover by the inlet manifold. I had a 2litre doing the same thing changed it and that cured it. Hope this helps