View Full Version : Please Help Boot Tailgate lock will not open

29-06-2008, 10:19 AM
Hi folks,
My Arosa boot lock will not open using the key.
So a few questions:-
Is it possible to open the boot from the inside?
How do you remove the inside plastic fittings mouldings to access the lock fixing nuts etc?
If it's just a dodgy barrel is it easy to fix and how much or would it be easier to take it to a dealer?
And finally can anyone recommend a good garage for Arosa in Hertfordshire UK?
Thanking you all in advance.
P.S. One last question; does a boot which will not open fail the M.O.T?

16-07-2008, 04:45 PM
Hi Molly,

Sorry to hear you are having probs with the car. You can open the boot from the inside, to remove the trim there is 1 or 2 phillips screws where the grab handle is,, if they are not screws they will be Torx 20 or 25 bits, once they are out just pull the trim and it should come off. Then lift the metal lever on the catch mechanism and it should open.
The barrel is not that difficult to fix, should only be held in with a nut or something similar. Might need to retumble it though if it that bad.
Not know any VAG specialists in that area sorry.

I'm pretty sure it will fail the mot if you can't open the boot, but not 100% sure as it long time since I have done one.

Hope this helps,