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27-06-2008, 10:10 PM
Yet another post

I have noticed that the 2 computers on the jetta appear to be a midline (split screen) and a highline (1 big screen).
I have the midline, however in the manual you can do all sorts of things like wing mirror down when reversing, coming home light functions, autolocking when driving off.
The manual is geared for the highline computer and the menu systems for changing different options but with the midline there seems to be no way to change the standard settings. The stalk has the reset / ok and rocker switch etc but i have no way of knowing if there is an option to change the mirror settings and auto locking etc. My local VW sales guy looked al confused when i asked him the difference between the 2 computers and their functions. Did get genuine front mats for 26 though even cheaper than ebay and *********, plus they fit perfectly and have jetta embossed on them.

anyway can anydody tell me if you can alter the mirrors to auto tilt down when reversing to see the kerb and how do i turn off the see me home lighting when i unlock the car in the night, the light switch is set to 0 and not auto.

11-07-2008, 01:13 AM
I managed to turn off my car's leaving home lighting, daytime running lights and that annoying seat-belt chime - but only with Ross-Tech's VAG-COM (now VCDS). An expensive option but it is a complete fault finder/service re-setter and a lot more besides.