View Full Version : Bluetooth low - question re cradle

26-06-2008, 11:04 PM

I have a Sony W880i mobile phone - This will work fine the the bluetooth kit without the cradle, however I visited an Audi dealer today to enquire if there was a credle for my phone and after a short wait they came back and said "no, it's not available"

I find that hard to believe -Anyone comment on this? - Know any different etc?


27-06-2008, 03:23 AM
I find that very hard to trust what Audi dealers say. Have a look around this site at the amount of gaffs they make. Personally I think that they would do a craddle for the phone you own. Simple reason is, most phones from the same company come with the same connections, so my K750i can use my K800i charger and hands free etc, so would presume Audi would make a craddle to fit most Sony Ericsson phones, or Nokia etc etc and would not be too model specific as long as 1. It can hold it and 2. the connections fit with the phone.

Perhaps try calling around some other dealers? I have found Audi customer service awful personally and they ignore my emails. A good example was watching the Audi Channel on the .co.uk site about a factory and museum tour. At the end it advised to go to audi.co.uk site for details. I did, and nothing. I emailed them and nothing I called them and they had no idea what I was on about 'factory or museum tours!' I then found www.audi.com and through a search came up with the location, openning times and prices of tours!

27-06-2008, 08:20 AM
Here is the GSM adapter list i got sent by my local dealer - its page 3 with the Gen II adapters that you need to refer to.

Sony W800i and W810i are listed, not sure on the pin-outs / phone sizes of the SE phones to say if yours would fit, but as these are the same part number, and the same as K750i and W700i there may be a chance.