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John S
21-06-2008, 04:15 PM
Hi All,

I bought a 2006 Jetta Tdi sport in May 2007, it was one owner 14k miles. It has run like a dream, been to Le mans 24hr and all over country never missed a beat. Just becoming a little expensive on juice!
I'm nervous of the VW Dealers reaction to question on Service interval.

The car showed 1500miles to service when I bought it, not problem said VW free long life service when it's due. After service I picked car up checked service interval still said in 1500 miles, oops sorry forgot to reset computer said VW, also forgot to stamp service book this duly done. (a bit poor for VW dealership)

Checked service interval last month, 4500 miles to go (31k on clock) no problem, looked again last week (32k on clock) it says service now!

Rang VW they said oh dont worry wait till spanner symbol appears on dash, but be aware if you need courtesy car we need 3 weeks notice!

1. What if something goes wrong now and its showing service now? will they wash their hands of it?
2. Bit hard to judge when spanner is going to come on without a countdown, will have to guess, if 20k between service it should be 36k, but think i'll book early!

anyone else had this problem, a friend told me he'd heard of this kind of thing on Audi's

Any advice greatly appreciated.

John :confused:

16-11-2008, 12:39 PM
I'm not a fan of the "extended" service life taht is appearing on cars more and more. The oild and other flouid chnage requencies are just not frequent enough.

I have a Golf Bluemotion and had the oil and filter changed at 1000 miles. The amount of swarf and sludge in the filter was quite frightening but not surprising.

The whole point of long life service is to cut down on the overall cost of ownership on the fleet markets as the lease companies take a great deal of notice of this when pricing cars. From VWs point of view the car will be OK within the warranty period / lease life. The additional wear from using contaminated oil etc will reduce the overall life of the engine / box.

My uncle had a Pug with 20k service intervals and suffered premature engine failure (45-50K / 4 years). The local deal admitted this was becoming a more common problem but it was our of warranty so there was nothing he could do. Like I said, I'm not a fan.