View Full Version : 93 Vento - Serious engine rattle and also PAS problem

16-06-2008, 11:04 AM
Hi guys

I've had my L reg Vento 1.8 CL for about 3 years and despite the odd exhaust and tyre change it's been cracking. I have recently been having a problem with her though.

She had been stood for 8months previous to the following work. When I drove her she began to overheat - the gauge shot right up. Engine flush, antifreeze, oil & filter change fixed that issue and runs at normal temp according to gauge.

But, I can only driver her about 2 miles before she starts to rattle. After 5 miles she rattles very heavily and after 6 miles the rattling is so severe that I have to pull over or let the car cut out.

the rattling is really bad at all RPM and in all gears. The engine loses all power and cuts out as if stalling. A higher rev lessens the rattle very slightly but I refuse to do this - anyway the rattle gets worse after that.

Also, when driving the car in the wet the PAS completely goes and trying to turn her is like moving a tank. I have to fight round the corner as there is absolutely not give in the steering wheel :s It's not like no PAS - its more like I'm about to snap the steering wheel off because it physically will not turn it resists.

Any ideas? Please help I love her and want her fixed as opposed to buying a new car.

Plymouth117, Stockport, UK

17-06-2008, 12:17 PM
Also - I don't think this a ping issue as it does it at all revs now. There was a similar post on RAC forum, a user's fan belt had snapped resolved with a new one. Could this be the issue here?