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18-05-2008, 10:17 AM
Hi Chaps,

My first post and my first Audi after 10 years of Beemers.

Quick question can you chip the latest A4 Audi model. I have spoken with Custom Code and they cant as yet, any other ideas ?

Forgot to mention that I have the 160 BHP version

18-05-2008, 03:50 PM

So after 10 years of "the other German brand" how do you find the new A4?

What was your most recent BMW?


18-05-2008, 04:38 PM
Here on mainland Europe ABT & Oettinger are, amongst others prepping to tune the A4. I'm also waiting for this. (I want to go for 200HP kit for my A4 1.8T 160HP)

I was told by ABT in Germany that the tuning was supposed to be released by april, but has been bumped to Juli-August. (due to difficulties I've read on other forums. Something about cracking the code in existing chip)

I'd go for the Oettinger when the time comes however, because they'll upload the tuning data for free whenever it gets erased by the dealer.

18-05-2008, 05:48 PM
@ Smudge

Over the last 10 years I have had:-

E36 325i

E36 M3 EVO

E46 M3

E46 318CI

I scaled down my car requirements as I now work in the City so leave the car at the station most of the day.

With respect to comparison 3 Series v A4, I tested the 320i Coupe and found that it was not worth the cost versus the A4 I have now as I get the cars through a business lease for just two years at a time.
The A4 is better specc'ed but I still believe the BMW's to be better drivers cars but then again it is early days for my AUDI ownership. I must say that I am enjoying the A4 but feels that it lacks just a little poke'iness hence the reason for my initial post.

@ Volmmer

Thanks for the info and I will keep my eye out for the Oettinger upgrade as 200BHP is what I am looking for. Can I take it then that when my car goes in for service they will upload standard software to the ECU if i get any upgrades of that nature ? They must be detectable then !!??!

18-05-2008, 06:46 PM
Your tuning might be overwritten. I've read on danish forums that the dealer will do this when the car is in for service (after 1 year here in DK)

The Oettinger dealer told me, that when this happens they will upload the tuning data free of charge, whereas the ABT guy was more reluctant to answer the same question.

As for how traceable the tuning is, there are various answers. Oettinger say that their Direct Port Technology won't physically intervene with engine. It's only the software that is rewritten. Sifting through the various sites on the net however sometime tells a different story. I guess the only way to find out is to try it. One thing is certain the guarantee on the engine is voided when it's tuned. Oettinger & ABT do have their own guarantees (but they don't cover the potential damage that can be done by a long shot IMHO)

However with the reputation of these two tuning specialists I'm not going to hesitate. Come July I'm driving my Misano Red devil to Germany and have them work their magic on it. :Blush:

The cool thing about the Oettinger tuning is that they have something called mapswitching (I don't know if ABT has this, but I don't think so) You can turn your tuning kit on and off through the cruisecontrol. This should make it possible to take the car back to it's factory presets. A neat feature when you need to have your car checked by the dealer. Theoretically this should make the tuning undetectable. We'll see.....