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30-04-2008, 10:05 PM

Sorry this is a tad long... :Blush2:

Some time ago there was a thread where many people had disconnected the pipe from the EGR, thus stopping it's operation. Less smoke is seen and in turn is deemed to lessen the carbon billed up. Anyway........

I did this on mine but I had a constant whine like a droaning, I assumed it was the turbo spooling. I decided to keep the EGR connected but minimise it's use with VAGCOM.

Standard % use when hot is 59%. Minimum operation for EGR is 48% which I set it to. I noticed that the turbo whined alot at say 1500 rpm and has begun to hum slightly at tickover. I've experimented and whilst engine was running I changed the values; sure enough the whine stops when at factory setting, ie more egr use.

I'm assuming it's the turbo I can here, I can't see it being anything else.

Can anyone explain why this happens and is it best to keep the EGR in the greater setting to prevent possible turbo damage. Should the turbo spool on tickover at all? I'd rather have some muck than a blown turbo.

Thanks for anyone who can help.


01-05-2008, 02:18 PM
Anyone got any ideas?? :1zhelp: