View Full Version : A4 1.9tdi cambelt change.

21-04-2008, 07:37 PM
Hi all, newbie here so be gentle.

Just bought an A4 avant 1.9tdi 115 on late 2004 plate 133k NO service history but paid good price based on that. Seller assures me cambelt was done 10k ago but as his friend did it no proof! i feel I should prob change it to be safe.

I have changed the timing belt on my discovery a cpl of times and it wasn't too bad a job took 3 days start to finish last time as the head had to come off last time for gasket replacement.

Is a timing belt change straight forward on an A4? Is it something the home mechanic can do or does it involve loads of specialist kit?
Any help or links would be greatly appreciated.