View Full Version : remote fobs on e-bay

17-04-2008, 09:49 PM
For all you guys out there let you be aware of my experience buying from a company called remote mania , i was looking for a 2 button remote for my v5 and as it was apparrent that they are hard to come by i asked the seller a question on this companies ad as they sold loads for vw and i wanted to see if they had a compatible one , they replied yes and sent me a paypal invoice , they sent one out and it was the wrong one , no big deal , they sent out another and it was second hand , i sent them both back and never recived a refund or the proper remote , when i approached paypal for help i was told it wasnt an e-bay item and was purchased through the company and not e-bay , the rsponse from REMOTE MANIA . COM was , we have no recollection of this purchase haha , :(so there you have it a lesson learned , 54 short i am , remember the company name , REMOTE MANIA. COM