View Full Version : Is this typical Audi?

16-04-2008, 11:17 AM
Or is it typical of Audi dealers?

I placed my order nearly five weeks ago & was told my estimated delivery would be in mid June.

Having heard nothing I chased the dealer last week & was told that they did not have a confirmed date but are still working on an estimate of week 21 build (w/c 19th May). If correct this ties in with a mid June delivery.

Since then I haven't had a call from the dealer to confirm anything.

Am I being unrealistic in thinking that something ought to have been confirmed by now?

I find it staggering that a company with the reputation & capacity of VW/Audi are so totally unprepared & unable to get its act together & deliver orders in reasonable timescales.

Also, why can't I monitor the build information myself? I buy almost everything these days over the internet & I can track progress at all stages. I recently bought furniture & tracked it more or less from the time the tree was cut down. OK, I exagerate, but I did track the manufacture, despatch, delivery etc.

As someone recently wrote on this forum, once the dealer has your order his priority is his next order.

Audi Nick
17-04-2008, 08:19 AM
I think this is a more a problem with a new model, than with Audi generally.

When I bought my current A6 I had no such problems and the car arrived in 3 weeks and the whole exercise was painless.

The A4 I ordered on the 12th Feb has yet to arrive and indeed I have been told an expected build week (17) but this means little to me. The lack of cummunication from the dealers is because they know nothing and they are working on the principle of 'silence is golden'.

You can try complaining to Audi if you like, all I can say from experience is that nobody from the Chief Executive down gives a damn about you or your car.

I have been a loyal Audi driver for more years than I care to remember. My last company car was an Audi and almost every car I have had since has been an Audi with the exception of a Passat, same company different model.

Next time I will be test driving Mercedes, Lexus and BMW and perhaps one or two others just to see what I get for my money. As a private motorist I do not expect Audi to kow tow to me, but I do expect them to treat me as I treat my own customers, that is with complete respected.

As Audi have got bigger, the service from the HO has got worse. The dealers are still about the best according to what I hear from friends etc, but then a dealer does not build the car!

I hope you find the wait worthwhile.