View Full Version : Anyone drove a 2.7 yet?

07-04-2008, 09:36 PM
A friend of a friends dad works for Audi in Cardiff. He has just taken delivery of a new A4 2.7 s-line and says it's the best thing he has ever drove. He just handed back a 3.0 quattro A5 and says given the choice he would buy the A4 without a doubt.

I don't know him myself but my friends friend says he hasn't stopped banging on about it.

Sounds like it must be a great car. It has to be the gearbox as personally I cant see the 2.7 front wheel drive being better than the awesome quattro 3.0 (my opinion please dont flame).

Audi definately have it right at the moment.


Audi Nick
08-04-2008, 09:23 AM
I've got (well for a few more weeks anyway) the 2.7 auto albeit in an A6 and there is a difference between that and the 3.0 ltr. I am going back to a 2.0 for the fuel economy and the fact that it will stop me collecting points!

If you compare sizes the A4 is slightly larger than the A5 and this may be why the guy prefers the A4.

If I didn't do the miles I would have a 3.0 Tdi every day in preference to the 2.7 Tdi. That said, the 2.7 Tdi with an auto box is the most relaxing drive you will encounter. But beware, those cameras show no respect for Audi drivers driving at Audi speeds on Audi roads!