View Full Version : leon 1.4 16v engine power probs

02-04-2008, 11:28 PM
Hiya all in the forum

I know its not exally the rite place to post this but it a problem with the engine im haveing and its used across all the vwag cars, the problem is i recently had my cambelt changed and since then the car seems alot slower, i mean its not the fastest thing but its way differnt than it was. what it is, is that has a real big problem reving over 4800-5000 rpm it starts juddering and splutering, i have a k&n typhoon induction kit on it and before it had the belt done it made a deep sound when accelerating now its a far differnt sound more higher and sounds like the engine is reving alot higher also now when i let off the throttle theres a loud ticking sound, i read somewhere elce it could be the belt was put on a tooth out or that it could be the camshaft position sensor.

Any of you have any ideas would be much apreached want some ideas as if it is the belt need to take it back to the garage.



06-04-2008, 01:16 PM
Hi it sounds like the cambelt timing is out so I would DEFINITELY take car back to the garage for them to resolve, certainly if your car was running fine before.I would also drive it very gently to reduce the risk of engine damage or not at all