View Full Version : Help Required - 2001 TT 180bhp 6-speed box will not select reverse!

22-03-2008, 01:25 PM

My Audi TT 180bhp (30k miles) 6-speed manual gearbox stopped selecting reverse gear the other day.

All other gears are fine, it clicks down and moves into the gate but will not move forward.

I've tride replacing the knuckles and set the gear change as per audi manual. However it still will not select reverse.

I've spoken to audi dealership but they appear confused as when gearbox's break gears 1 and 3 break up and never just reverse. Also, the car has only done 30k so it shouldn't really have gone either.

Does anybody out there know what has happened or how to fix it?

Also, is it possible to remove the selector tower from the box without it all falling to pieces as i've heard its all spring loaded?

Thank you for any help possible,