View Full Version : Just got a new old Passat TDI

16-03-2008, 10:54 PM
Hi folks, just picked up an L reg Passat 1.9 TDI estate and I thought I'd better join a forum so that my wife doesn't leave me when I talk her ears off about it... :)

Pretty pleased with it so far, had to change the rear wheel bearings (easy enough) and a section of exhaust, and there are a fair few minor rust spots but then it has done 172k miles.

The next thing I want to fix though is a certain amount of vibration at idle. It's not really bad but it seems a bit more than I'd expect, and I think it's causing the exhaust to rattle around a bit since I can hear an exhausty noise at idle and at certain revs. I get some exhausty droning too at between 50 and 70mph.

I'm currently thinking engine mounts; I can sometimes feel a slight clunk when pulling away, not unlike when you've left the car for a few weeks and the brakes have bound on, but from the front of the car and it can happen any time. When the car's idling the passenger side mount seems to be working since the part of the chassis it's connected to isn't vibrating.. but at the front, the sub frame seems to be vibrating about the same as the engine, so perhaps this mount isn't isolating vibration as it should be.

Not sure if you guys want to hear about all this, but I thought I'd share anyway and see if anyone has any thoughts :)