View Full Version : Golf GT TDi 130

23-11-2006, 10:56 PM
Getting desparate with the car now. It was a joy to run before the problems.

It blew a turbo about 6 weeks ago - lots of hassle getting a replacement - it was fitted by a local VW Audi independent. Took it for a run and hit a big pothole - not run properly since then - hitting the pothole knocked the boost pipe out of its clip under the offside arch - put it back and car seemed OK.

Over the next week the performance tailed off to the point where flat out in 5th is now 80 and in 6th is 75 ish. There doesn't seem to be any turbo boost. The Independent has now replaced MAF and Catalyst and it is still no better. The turbo boost after the turbo was replaced seemed to come in rather high and it cut in and out for a while - when it did drop switching the engine off and back on restored boost for a while.

Does any one have any ideas - I cannot get any error codes at present as I do not have a reader.

It's cost me a fortune and I'm feeling desperate now as to what to do next.:1zhelp:

23-11-2006, 11:03 PM
If you have a laptop i sugest buying a cheap obd2 lead off ebay and download the trial version of vag com from www.rosstech.com and you should be able to read/erase some fault codes. I would sugest replacing n75 valve and also to check the EGR valve (both can be checked fairly easy with vag-com). Good luck.