View Full Version : Headlamp warning buzzer failure

Arthur Haynes
09-02-2008, 11:11 PM
The warning buzzer which sounds if the lights are left on when either the door is opened or key removed has failed. I would assume buzzer is fed from lighting circuit via diode, to find ground via courtesy lamp circuit.

All fuses are OK, interior lamp works when door opened or key removed so I'm guessing the buzzer alone has failed! Arosa is 1997 1.0Litre model.

Driver's handbook no help, Electrical section from Erwin website has no diagram or anything really helpful (are any of those sections of any use? Well, they do fill otherwise empty space in the bookcase I suppose!).

I could locate the buzzer by ear, if it still worked (Buzzer that is, ear still working as far as I can determine!). Could anyone spare a moment to step out to their Arosa and have a listen for me please?

Tomorrow's challenge will be to fix the rear washer. I'm no detective but think there may be a clue with all the the soapy water that pours from the entire length of the nearside sill after I activate it!

Thank you for reading my first posting!

27-03-2008, 09:58 AM
This happened on my arosa a while ago problem was traced to drivers side door lock


Arthur Haynes
27-03-2008, 09:10 PM
Thanks Dave, I found out from my local dealer that it was located behind the instrument cluster (handy when it was being built I suppose) so cut my losses and wired a 99p Maplin buzzer in.

Fixed it with a cable tie to the column and wired one side to a +12V feed from the sidelight fuse, other end went via a diode to the courtesy lamp to find ground when the interior light comes on.

The hardest part was to find that wire down near the fuse box as there are at least four that seem to have the same or similar colour code!

Thanks for the response,

PS;- Arthur Haynes was my childhood comedy hero. His straight man/Foil was Nicholas Parsons;- I've never taken HIM seriously since!