View Full Version : help naming and finding these bumpers

03-02-2008, 11:17 PM
been looking at things to do to my car once i buy found this car on ebay few weeks ago with some intention of buying, but i didnt, anyway just wondering if anyone can name the bumpers or bodykit and where to buy
the main things im intrested to find are the rear bumper and the rear spoiler and maybe the side skirts. not a fan of the front bumper.
also lookin for styling help bodykit wise and alloys

p.s if this is wrong place to post i appologise but havnt got youst to layout of this site yet

04-02-2008, 09:39 AM
Do a search for www.liquidautomotive.com and see their MS DESIGN bodykits. That spoiler is a copy of MS DESIGN lower valance and the real thing cost a lot and its made of PuRim- a flexible plastic- it wont break or warp like fibreglass! I have sold one of them for £50 on Ebay a few months ago, been advertised on the forum but no one was interested ?! The bodykit was sold as a factory option under the name of VOTEX. Keep an eye on ebay as i bought my full bodykit for just £160 and it come with sideskirts, front apron and 2x rear aprons: one to fit early models, the other for facelifted cars. I am wayting for the spring to install mine on me car.