View Full Version : MK5 Golf GT 2.0 TDI - Flat spotting

30-10-2006, 09:49 PM
Dear all,

Just thought I'd see if anybody could help with a problem that my car has with regards to its engine. The car is just over twelve months old, has 25,000 miles on the clock and was serviced at 18,000miles.

For the last ten thousand or miles or so the car has developed what I can only describe as a flat spot when being used. The problem could be at any speed and has occured when I was doing a steady 70MPH and the car just flat spots intermitently. Another occasion was when pulling out of a road junction the car has power, then temporarily lost power (flat spotted) and then regained power and shot across the road.

The dealer can't find anything, but recently the engine air intake valve failed and had to be renewed under warranty. they said this was the problem and the car improved, but is now back to being Herbie and has a tendency to flat spot. The delaer has also reset the ECU, but again nothing.

Anybody else had this problem or know what this problem might be? Any help to sound inteligent when talking to the dealer would be appreciated.

Thanks, Jamie