View Full Version : hi there newbie questions

28-01-2008, 05:45 PM
ok guys n gals trawled thru the forum for info and not had much luck so im gonna post my general questions here hopig that theres some answers floating about ?

i recently and finaly bought a a4 v6 quattro and ove it

but the dash lights im not impressed with is it possible to replace the bulbs with white ones so they light up better or are audi's stuck with the red ??

Can you just remove the wood trims from the dash and doors for recovering etc or are they part of the panels in there selves if not how are they fixed

finaly has anyone fitted a supercharger to a 2.6 as opposed to the 2.8 ?
i have e mailed pes several times but no reply's from them

great forum thanks in advance