View Full Version : Skoda Service Problems - HELP!

15-01-2008, 03:17 PM
Hi Folks

Not sure whether this is the right place to post this query but I've had huge issues with the service and MOT station that did the last service on my '51 Octavia Ambiente and now need to take the car somewhere I can trust... is there anywhere we can trust these days?

I'm in Bracknell, so my nearest dealers are:

Camberley Service Centre - Admiral Way Camberley
Whitequay Limited - Portland Road Reading
Garland Motors - Waterloo Road Aldershot
Witham and Sons - Hersham Road Walton-on-Thames
Willis Motor Company - South Ruislip

Has anyone had dealing with any of these and can you absolutely recommend (or not!) any one of them?

Any help appreciated

22-02-2008, 01:03 PM
Hi Chris,

If you were nearer I'd selfishly offer my services! For my money, as an independant, I don't have a good perception of dealers. They employ lots of kids on training programs, a good independent will be an expert, normally his own business. Dealers have high overheads, so they have very tight time slots - all jobs are rushed so attention to detail is a no no. Independants still have to make a living, but time isn't pressured so badly. Finally the labour cost of an independant is a lot less so you are likely (but not always) to be better off. The stories I see and the work I have seen coming out of the dealers can be shocking. A senior tech at Volvo tells me they are not mechanics, they are best described as 'fitters'. They can't take a cylinder head to bits or anything that needs 'fixing', they just price to fit a new unit out of the box. It's a massive time pressure he said, get them in, fit the bits asap, get it out, as near as you can to the minute of the time slot you are allocated.

Just a few thoughts there, be it independant or dealer I hope you find someone you are happy with.