View Full Version : GTi 8v firing problem

17-10-2006, 02:10 PM
God someone please help me out!

My brother's Yellow Colour concept Golf GTi 8v (98R) has ended up in my garden becuase my parents are moving to Spain and he has nowhere to keep it! :aargh4:

It has an electrical problem of some sort. We've had an Audi Tech look at it plus an Auto Electrician and still no luck. :(

The engine turns over but does not fire. Fuel is getting through but there is no feed from the coil (coil and lead have been replaced) to the distributor. if you bypass the feed to the dizzy the car fires for a few seconds but then the fuel pump cuts out and so does the engine
again. :zx11:

To add a final mystery to the puzzle.... When it was trailered over to my house on a dolly it must have disturbed something because as he took it off the dolly using the starter motor the bloody thing fired up! He drove it round the block a couple of times absolutely fine. Then it was parked overnight in my garden and now does not start again! :1zhelp:

Any input on this would be greatly appreciated as i am sure a bright yellow car in the front garden will quickly out-stay my wifes welcome!!!

Thanks all in advance, Audimandan