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11-01-2008, 08:00 PM
Hey I think a lot of people have had this problem just wondering if anyone knows what the deal is!!?

I had my gti mk5, 27k, 54plate, booked in for a judder problem on tick over... they called me and said the vag com is throwing up a fault to do with the fuel pump and fuel something else which I'm sorry but can't remember right now.(some sort of regulator?) so they replaced this but behold the juddering is still there on tick over. (Maybe a lightly less).

Also when I accelerate and then gently let my foot off the accelerator it's not a smooth transition at all! it jolts... I said this to the vw garage and the guy told me this is normal on the 2.0T version..... hmm

can anyone shed any light on this?!

hope someone can help a noob!?

Ps big ups to RK engineering for being so helpful! :beerchug:

sorry if you have read this twice because I posted it on the chat thread to..