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Judith Bynum
06-01-2008, 09:31 PM
I'm not sure I'm happy with my Touareg- Ava. She is beautiful, great off road and handles like a cat in the snow and ice of Tahoe, but frankly her electrical complications seem to be out weighing these. I need to take it in AGAIN to have the CD player worked on after the dealer showed me how to "jimmy" it. The heat has never worked as well as our Passat- Gretta. She heats up in a hurry. Ava is cold and slow to warm up.

Do you have the same frustrations or are you generally happy with your purchase? I remember my long lost Padme; she was a red, honda civic coupe. I never had a single problem with her. I never had to change the breaks, never had a problem with the electrical and never got my keys locked in (it had a mechanism that wouldn't allow it)! She just doesn't go in snow, but then she didn't have a Touareg price tag either.

Your thoughts,

07-01-2008, 01:41 PM
Not got a Toureg, though my neighbour does. Certainly looks a lot better then the Porsche Cayenne IMO.

Had one or two little problems with my Passat, electrical and mechanical of which (luck?) I never had with any of the Hondas or Mazdas me and my wife have owned.

I don't think Japanese reliability is matched anywhere, the Passat I feel has more character though than my Honda Accord did. I also had a (brand new) 1994 Honda Civic Coupe which was an excellent car.

The Mazda is an MX-5 which is far more interesting to drive, has character and has been very reliable.

I see you have names for your cars. I know of one or two of our "across the pond" neighbours who give their cars names. Maybe it is popular there?