View Full Version : parrot ck3100 which lead?

29-12-2007, 07:56 PM
Support is pretty scarce when it comes to the parrot handsfree kits, but I thought I would ask.....

I am using the SOT076 harness that doesn't have any in-line fuses, it connects to the radio and to the connector that comes out of the radio then as I am aware the short yellow wire from the harness connects to the 12v permanant supply. I have connected everything up but no power to the parrot?

Do I have to use the lead that comes with the parrot originallly with the inline fuses aswell? to power it up?

Any help with how to get power to the ck3100 would be greatly received, I have tried to get help from other sites but to no avail people reply but they try to sell stuff to me! I don't want to buy anything I just need to know the best way to wire up the parrot?