View Full Version : Steering rack syndrome

24-12-2007, 07:09 PM

I've just had my steering rack replaced on my brand new 6 month old golf match fsi , its only done 2500 miles on the clock. This was the last of the problems I have had with my new car ( been back to the dealers SEVEN TIMES SO FAR). Pls read my other posts about this.

I read from another forum 'uk-mkivs' that people have been having problems with their steering racks. One chap had it replaced 3 times in months!!! , the dealer saying they had faulty steering rack parts. PATHETIC !
I don't know how to link other websites because I am new , but it is under the golf mark 5 technical bit in ' uk-mkivs'. Not bad forum maybe we should link up ?

Anybody know about these steering rack probs, or are having similar issues pls provide feedback. VW are not what they use to be , competition has caught up , they need to get their heads out of the sand and that includes the dealers and their service.

mak81 :mad::zx11::zx11: