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21-11-2007, 06:50 PM
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Hi ppl,

Ive got a problem with my A4 turbo and was hoping someone may have had the same problem.

Driving along today I had oil splatter out from the back of the engine all over the bulkhead & top of the gearbox and clouds of smoke come out from behind me. There are no signs of 'mayonaise' type stuff of a blownhead gasket anywhere in the system.

When I bought the car, the previous owner said there was an oil feed from the turbo that gets clogged up and its better to replace it every 18 months or so.

The car still runs with power, although the tappets are really noisy. There is still oil in the engine but sounds like the oil isnt reaching them even tho the on board computer says all is ok?

Confused, help please. Could this be a blockage, a dodgy hose or something

Thanx ppl :biglaugh: