View Full Version : Question When is a pan roof not a pan roof?

Dark Horse
19-05-2019, 07:21 PM
Answer: When it stops just past the front seats :mad:

Found the perfect spec Q3; right colour, low mileage, fully loaded with a pan roof which the rest of the family wants, decent price and from a dealer with a promo offering 2 years warranty and two extra services. Result!

Drove over to the Audi dealer for a test drive only to find the pan roof is nothing more than ...... a normal sunroof :( It stopped just after the front seats and if sitting in the back, it's still dimmer than a badgers armpit.

The dealer insisted it was a pan roof, even though the spec says it's an "electric sunroof", so I gave it a test drive but by then, the jerky S-Tronic box on the 2.0 petrol engine was causing a lot more worry. I've been more comfortable sitting on a piano being pushed down a flight of steps than the upchanges on that box.

And then the dealer casually mentioned that there was no SatNav but the SD card could be "bought" for about 600 squid. Shame as the car was otherwise mint. Back to the drawing for now though :(