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27-02-2019, 08:36 PM
Hi new here so apologises fir long first message.

have 2014 q3 Quattro diesel 177bhp s-line

I had issues with headlight I originally though, but ( xenon) replaced it but still no joy

Seen that it might need VCDS reset and had tested on snap on diagnostics unit myself. Codes below

Had error that headlight control unit not working as well on dash.

Took car to VW/Audi independent and they could not get VCDS to connect saying no power at connector.
They had checked wiring and fuses as I had a well, but still no joy.

They also used Snapon and got error codes as I had done with my sons unit.

Any thoughts?

Is fuse in wrong place?

Have checked detailed fuses diagram that show fuse (internal 14/15 fuses ) could be an issue or power to them a concern as handbrake LED also stopped working.

fuse 14 is also part of Ecu connector power supply?
The headlight alignment is on this as well?

Could it just be cables at back of fuse box not being hard wired correctly/lose?

someone suggest battery issue as well in Q3 forum

My lights Lights NOT working on fog lights both front and rear.

I have following codes from Snap On:
00978- headlight dipped light
00218- humidity sensor no signal
02442- function lamp control head open circuit/ short
01299- diagnostics interface for data bus no signal
00457- ecu network j519 no signal comms
01800- light switch E1 not plausible signal
01520- rain and light recognition sensor (g397) no signal
1048576 (tel:1048576) fuel injector 9 circuit malfunction
U111100- function limitation due to missing message

Might have to take into main dealer ?

Any AUTO electrician with VCDS in Cheshire can sort this?

Any offers?

Don't mind paying for help if it sorts it

Scott K
28-02-2019, 08:40 AM
Can you plug the VCDS into another car to see if the LED lights up? If it works ok it sounds like you are not getting power to the port

28-02-2019, 04:19 PM
Yes that is the case as said in message.
NO power at port BUT looking at fuses the other things that are wrong are on same fuse but fuse OKAY.

Might be bad wire to fuses location?