View Full Version : Winter wheels and tyres for A3

03-02-2019, 12:07 AM
Sadly our house was broken into, and our lovely A3 (2009) stolen and subsequently destroyed by the crooks. As this happened last summer, the car had the summer tyres on. However, we also had a full set of the best possible winter tyres (Conti TS850 - 205/55/16) on genuine Audi identical alloy wheels that the car came with... The car we bought to replace the write off can't take these wheels, so feel bad about having this nice set standing in the garage. The tyres are in very clean condition, were always washed and protected when not in use, and still have 7.2-7.3 mm thread depth on them (came with 8.5mm)... Please PM me if you were interested, any sensible offers would be considered for tyres, rims or both. Administrator - please remove this message if it is not allowed to advertise items for sale.. many thanks.

Dropbox - Winter tyres A3 - Simplify your life (https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ywz8nu1hcs4qkbf/AACHiVtCQd8_s5JyNbLFRfDYa?dl=0)