View Full Version : Touareg R Line Plus gearbox problems

Bailey tugger
26-11-2018, 09:28 PM
Hi all,

I am new here and apologise if this has been covered else where but a search of the forum revealed nothing. I have a 2017 Touareg R Line Plus. The car will simply not stay in 8th gear unless in cruise mode or tiptronic where I have forced it in. I have read various articles on internet about this fault with other drivers and the apparent lack of interest from VW. I have spoken to VW head office and they categorically stated that they have not heard of this issue. I have spoken to a number of dealers that also say that they are not aware of the problem. This car is impossible to drive on motorway and even on A and B roads it is still in 7th gear at 50 MPH and hunts up and down.

So, questions please. As anybody else got the same problem? Has anybody else had the same problem and fixed it and if so, how???

Getting really P'd with VW about this. a 30k second hand car that is a nightmare to drive. One online article I read stated that VW know about the problem but cannot fix it and it is "Characteristic of the model" Characteristic my foot, its a fault F A U L T fault. that is obviously a software glitch.

Hope that someone can help

Cheers iain